An Inspiration (A tribute)

Though unsung,
An exemplary hero was he.
A fearless soldier,
Man of his words with guts of steel.
Hands of iron,
Braved the tempest alike melody,
Sung the song of a fighter,
Waved the banner high of allegiance.
The song of the fighter,
Sung in the spirit of countryman-ship,
Comradeship and family,
In the soul of love oared comrades ashore.

Rampage of the tempest,
Tore him not a bit.
Embraced the rainbow afar,
Danced amongst the wind.
Time went on, but the clock of memories stood still,
Not to live in yesterdays, but to walk forward,
Not forsaking tranquility in the country,
For somebody sacrificed his life!
A salute, a praise,
A tribute, a prayer
The fallen unsung hero.
You are an inspiration!


Dedicated to my favorite ashim Chimi’s late apa and to all the Fallen Heroes, who gave up their lives in line of duty; so we can have some peace!
If we are living happily, safely and peacefully then remember there were
unsung heroes who gave their lives so we can have some peace and love.
My deepest RESPECT to all our fallen heroes!!!



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