3- Haa to Jana Tenkha Goenpa 19th February



7.15 Am, loading our iron horses and preparing to head Jana Tenkha Goenpa.
In the hind, our host’s and others huge traditional Bhutanese houses in Haa.

Upstairs there were three rooms of which two had wooden floors, partitioning one another with mud plastered walls that had bamboo skeletons inside with ample glassed windows on either room. Door was huge wooden planks put together and quite heavy too; it gave an ancient squeaking sound as though a signature to say one is entering into a traditional house built with basic raw materials without using a single iron nail. What a house, what a feeling, just majestic.   

Sangay Khandu a.k.a Mr. DrukAir the name he got after his trekking to Laya with Trekkers 360 degree earlier that year for always passionately carrying and displaying his DrukAir stuffs high in the mountains; slept with me in the middle room. Four of them, two team leaders their younger brother Kinzang Namgyal who was a grade 10 graduate also the youngest trekker in our group, and their friend Ogyen Jigme a RTC student took the first room. Before sleep took over everyone was cross checking on their alarms: 6 AM……………… It was 12.40 am, we crashed.

At a first glace one would forsake and lose the beauty embedded in this wonderful piece of art.
Throughout the night I was thinking of all the labor and passion they had put to come up with this lovely
piece of art work: reusing every piece of cloths.
It not only gives you a peaceful sleep, but it is also very good for your back since it allows you to bring
your head at par your body on the floor while sleeping, which is how one should be sleeping
for the health of ones back.


“Tashi! …. Tashi, where are you? Tandin, let’s go. Come on, let’s go up.” I pretended I didn’t hear him. A pause and he called out, “Pema, don’t this to me let’s go for a movie!” I seriously didn’t hear this time so I did not pay much heed. A moment of silence and again came in, “Waiiiiiiiiii, Tandinnnnnnnnnn!”  Now this time I couldn’t help but laugh out so loud, “Hahahahaha…Hahahaha.” Everyone was in fact laughing way before me, “Hahahahahahha.” Our youngest trekker had the funniest dream with his school friends apparently going somewhere.  I recalled and laughed again, “Hahahahaha!”

It was 5.30 AM in the morning bit cold Kinzang woke us with his dream and our laughter woke folks below. We told them the dreamy episode and they laughed louder than us.  Glad he woke us early a few minutes past 6 AM and everyone was geared up. 

Pagoda of plates

Had a quick but very succulent breakfast, then without wasting much time thanked our host for their generous hospitality; bid farewell and off we drove to Janatenkha Goenpa (Monastery) above Haa valley. 

Lob birds basking in the early sun
Dr. Sonam Tobgay aka acho S.T., with such a smile in Haa town.

As a boy I would always pray and wish for a smiling doctor every time I went 
to the hospital to get injections on various occasions, so that those T.T injections
wont hurt me. But, at all times doctors were furious one after the other,
that I would cry looking at their faces and not with the injections.
I am cent percent sure patients might be rushing or wanting to go
to the hospital where acho S.T practices 😀 😀

P.S. ashim Yangchen no angry, no angry 😛 😛 hahaha

Taxi in Haa


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