Dear would-bes and sought-to-bes


Dear would-be and sought-to-be Politicians/Cabinets/Lawmakers/ MPs of Bhutan,

Amid wooing and cooing for votes, Bhutan is fed with enough of your pledges and promises. Both are equally equipped and eloquently vocal, now we are like on the top of a mountain, a little bit of any wooing or cooing we might slip on the either side. We know not.

But, amid wooing and cooing for votes, please don’t tear my country apart. I know, no one wants or wishes for that to happen, but there is a risk in it. We saw it in the “Kuensel” post primary round.

So, as far as possible, please try to be an honest would-be or sought-to be Politicians/Cabinets/Lawmakers/MPs. Because like it or not, one of you will be our leaders and will have to lead us…. Lead us well so all of us can play some role in our own little capacities to serve the Tsa-Wa-Sum.

Continued prayers and good luck to all you would-bes and sought-to-bes leaders and representatives. May drukpas decide wisely. May peace and happiness prevail in my mother country and all across the globe.

Yours pledges-fully-fed electorate,


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