Thursday, February 21, 2019

An Inspiration (A tribute)

Though unsung, An exemplary hero was he. A fearless soldier, Man of his words with guts of steel. Hands of iron, Braved the tempest alike melody, Sung the song of a fighter, Waved the banner high of allegiance. The song of the fighter, Sung in the spirit of countryman-ship, Comradeship and family, In the soul...

Mid night Prayer – Sleeping amongst the stardust

Through what one might have not to tread, All for a sound sleep at the end of the day. Blessed you are, if with an ease twinkle amongst the stars. Floating in the clouds beneath you see your home. A ' many ' day's toil rob the beauty of the moon, Soul moan deep...

Song of the moon

It has been a while since I last saw the moon from my window. Oh, forgot I. It is already into last phase of the lunar cycle. Wherever thou art, be safe, keep smiling and see you on the waxing crescent. For now I bid ya sweetest slumber.

Dew on the Rose (Morning Prayer – 1)

Wash away the dirt on your face with water, Ease the pain inside with words, Dispel your doubts by asking.   Enrich yourself by observing and listening, Dont be scared of getting hurt, It is simply because you're yet to learn roses have thorns.   keep your eyes, ears and heart open, To share, learn, feel and...

Sleeping pills – 12 : However the calamities, life goes on and on

Sometimes the day is sunny and sometimes the night is rainy. Sometimes the day is cloudy and the night is windy. Sometimes the day is in rainbow and the night is in thunder and storm.   However the calamities, life goes on and on...... Don't waste your time questioning why? Rather, try coming to an...


New Year’s Day and its story


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