Friday, September 21, 2018


Happens for a reason!

Everything happens of a reason and a very valid example: I love walking, oh, yeah. I love walking carrying a bag-pack that weighs almost 5 plus kilos (a laptop, a book, a diary, a flask, two adapters, pens, pencils, eraser, sharpener, a roll of...


An easy one-day hike to the great Dungtsho

The Great Dungtsho. In the pic ashim Ching and Dolma Many a time, as always on Sundays we wake up very late, then watch some movies, grab some tea and sleep again. Before you realise another Sunday would just demise, and nothing would matter much...


Experience my best teacher, present my best company, future my hope

Every soul is a student no matter how old or learnt one is. Even the teacher is a student in constant training, except

7- Day 3 NobTshonapatta to Dung and Nga Tsho, Third night halt 21st February, 2017

Cutting right through the breast of Tshejay La 4600 meters, acho Penjor found new trail for sweepers in the interest of time. It was wonderful though.    5 hrs 20 minutes hiked    The more we explored that much mesmerized we were, weather for a moment was just too perfect...

The Story of Nob Tshonapatta

The revered Nob Tshonapatta (just half in the pic) completely frozen. 20th February, 2017. 4129.3 meters above the sea level   It is believed at the bottom of this giant and calm Nob Tshonapatta lied so many ter (treasures) enough to feed the entire country for years and...